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Working together in a new digital life & Intercultural negotiation skill

The “new reality” makes those challenges much more obvious. When contacts are restricted to phone or video calls, stress levels tend to be more elevated than in a live meeting. There is no casual and reassuring nod of understanding between you and your attending co-worker; the overall risk of misunderstanding is a lot higher when participants communicate without visual, or when the visual is two-dimensional on screen only.

Normally, the energy flow between people in the same room enables participants to detect disappointment, anxiety, or discontent in negotiations. The “virtual plane” makes that a lot harder. Awkward silences feel more awkward, there is much more guesswork as to the others wellbeing or discomfort.

Since the “new digital reality”, however, is the only way to get in touch with project partners and customers, the seminar will prepare you for those extra challenges: How do you deal with latecomers? What if the German client does not do small talk? What to do until everyone has logged on? What if there is no lunch to solve one or the other misunderstanding and to calm down after a heated discussion?

Cultural knowledge will help you to perceive and assess cultural behaviour in general, the seminar will enable you to practice that knowledge in the special setting of a video conference.

The online workshop is organized by AWEX Eupen on 8th and on 9th September, from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm via Zoom. Verena KIENZLE, self- employed intercultural coach with a lot of international experience, will hold the workshop in English.

Registration: Please send the fully completed registration form
before 3rd September back to m.pestiaux@awex.be.