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Global Trade Update

Quoi ? International Formation Commerce extérieur
Quand ? 23/11/2017
de 14:00 à 17:00
Où ? EY Diegem
contact Marianne Bodart, EY
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On Thursday 23 November 2017, EY will host its annual Global Trade update seminar at the EY offices in Diegem. This three-hour afternoon session will start promptly at 14:00 and will be followed by an informal reception.

During the seminar, we will highlight recent and upcoming changes to the world of Trade, Customs and Excise. Please find hereafter some of the topics we will cover:

Brexit has been hijacking the news almost daily since June 2016. It is now almost a fact that there will be hard borders, on both sides of the Channel, Authorities and companies are waking up to this new reality. Revenue impact is one element, but moving product is expected to become much harder, and slower. Maintaining preferential origin treatment for your goods, non-tariff barriers are new challenges appearing at the horizon for UK trade. As an example, the UK will see its customs declarations multiply to over 250m per annum. UK HMRC has published several customs white papers which we will discuss but equally so, we must look at how things will be managed on our end, on the continent.

As more companies get organized to also take part in an e-commerce operating model, we’ll highlight some of the risks and opportunities attached to this using some real examples.

It also appears that the VAT authorities do see merit in the AEO program now introduced by Customs almost 10 years ago. The European Commission has prepared a proposal to introduce the concept of Certified Tax Payer. The concept is in line with a recent trend that companies should exercise more controls over their tax (VAT) reporting and compliance.

We will of course also provide an overview of recent developments in the areas of origin and free trade agreements, relevant classification decisions, valuation decisions and court cases. There is an upcoming court case that likely will make it an obligation to report transfer price adjustments to Customs. If you have to put in future applications for customs approvals, you now also have to use the Customs Decisions System (CDS).

Finally, the UCC is now in place for 1.5 years and it is interesting to also reflect on where it stands with specific parts of this legislation such as Entry into the Declarants Records as well as centralized clearance.


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