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EY Customs Training Modules

Quoi ? International Exportation Cycle de formations
Quand ? 26/09/2017 11:00 à
19/10/2017 15:00
Où ? Anvers, Diegem, Gand, Gosselies
contact Philippe Vuylsteke, EY
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As of September 2017, EY will organize training modules which will focus on international trade, customs and excise matters. The purpose of these training modules is to get acquainted with fundamental customs concepts and provide you with practical examples on the application of the Union Customs Code. We present you seven modules developed and presented by our Global Trade specialists. Each training module will consist of a theoretical framework supplemented with the practical view on daily customs and excise operations. The experience of our Global Trade specialist in different sectors in various countries will be valuable to help you recognize the pitfalls and the opportunities within the customs and excise landscape.

The modules will be held at different locations, namely: the EY offices in Diegem, Ghent/Gosselies and Antwerp. In order to increase the flexibility of our offering and to accommodate your needs, you can opt to select one or combine different modules. Please be aware that the number of seats are limited and that the principle of “first come first served” will apply. 

Please find below an overview of the different modules.

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