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IBA’s growth still accelerating

Par Webmaster - — 17/12/2007 11:37

IBA was founded in 1986 as a spin off of the Cylcotron Research Centre from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve. The objective was to use particle accelerator technology in both the medical and industrial fields. Twenty-one years later, IBA is going from strength to strength, and perspectives are, sadly, still very good.


Pierre Mottet, IBA"Cancer diagnostics and treatment still has considerable potential for growth and it’s likely to be that way for quite some to come", says Pierre Mottet, Chief Executive Officer of IBA. The continued ageing of the population – and this almost everywhere in the world – means that cancer as no. 2 killer (after heart attacks), is still a major concern.  "Up until now, we’ve been very successful in the diagnosis business, and now we’re looking to become stronger in the treatment aspect as well. Of course, there is competition, but we’re confident that IBA is ‘out there’ and taking risks when it comes to advanced technology, and this sets the bar pretty high for the others to aim it".

Born exporters

The first clients of IBA were all from abroad. In fact, New York placed the first order, while Tokyo and Sydney were second and third. There are now however more than 200 accelerators installed around the world, entirely normal when more than 98% of the production is exported. Louvain-la-Neuve is the nerve centre and where the testing of equipment is done. 8% of turnover is invested in research & development and the on-site facilities are impressive.

IBA is a world leader and this most notably in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceutical agents used in medical imaging, and the development, manufacture, and service of medical and industrial particle accelerators, used in imaging, therapy, sterilisation, and ionisation.

1,300 people work for IBA directly, and this across 3 continents. There are offices in the USA, Europe, India and China, and more than 30 nationalities work directly for the company. Up to 1000 other jobs can be added, as much of the manufacturing work is sub-contracted to other companies in the Walloon area.

«Walloon Dynamics»

IBA still have good and close connections with the University (N.B. UCL is still the third largest shareholder), and much of the talent needed to take the technology and the business forward comes from the region. It’s no surprise therefore that IBA, together with GSK (vaccines) is heavily involved in the proposed «Medical Valley» project outlined in Wallonia’s new Marshall plan.

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Localisation : Louvain-la-Neuve

Founded in : 1986

Activity : Delivering solutions of a unique precision in the fields of cancer diagnosis and therapy, and improving the hygiene and safety of everyday life through sterilization and ionization solutions.

Employees : 1300

Revenue : € 200 Mio

Export volume : > 98%